Saturday, January 30, 2016


Those great people in educational testing have, after years of losing market share to the ACT,  redesigned  the SAT!

The new SAT is much more of an achievmeent test than the old idea of some sort of aptitude or IQ test. Basically, it tests what you've learned.

The new SAT has three sections: Math, Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing. 
The new SAT has an optional SAT Essay.

 Students have 3 hours to complete the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections and the Math Test, and another 50 minutes to complete the optional SAT Essay. 

The Prepworks software helps student prepare by both familiarizing them with the test questions, providings strategies for approaching the questions but most importantly, it actually builds the skills that the SAT tests. In some ways, its a course totally focused on the skills that the SAT will measure.

The Khan Academy approach only deals with getting students familiar with those types of questions