Sunday, July 1, 2012

AWE - automated writing evaluators

I'm on the hunt for some technology and some consulting help to implement a grammar checker for the student writing materials on and for broad use with (web-based writing tutorials).

Right now, I'm following up on an HP-sponsored competition on automated writing evaluators over at  The question ansd answer there quickly led me to the ETS Section on Automated Scoring of Writing Quality.

My RFP is for technology to assess and provide specific feedback on the quality of student writing such as:

  1. grammar mechanics: proper construction of sentences (subject, verb, final punctuation)    
  2. Basic mechanics such as capitalization,  subject-verb agreement (tense, plural, etc), consistency on plural and singular
  3. Advanced mechanics such as prepositional phrases, sentences of appropriate length, nuances of word choice, avoiding awkward, ineffective, or unclear writing
  4. Writing quality: vocabulary usage, organization, development

ETC says (and I quote from they have "an active research agenda to develop linguistic features suitable for modeling aspects of meaning structure in essay-length responses, such as:
  • metrics of text coherence
  • the use of supporting facts from external sources
  • the writer's stance toward the material presented
  • the identification of particular topics addressed in the response

Featured Publications

Below are some recent or significant publications that our researchers have authored on the subject of automated scoring of writing quality.







  • Online Assessment in Writing
    N. Horkay, R. E. Bennett, N. Allen, & B. Kaplan
    Online Assessment in Mathematics and Writing: Reports from the NAEP Technology-Based Assessment Project
    NCES Report No. 2005-457
    U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics
    The 2002 Writing Online (WOL) study is the second of three field investigations in the Technology-Based Assessment project, which explores the use of new technology in administering the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Learn more or download the full report.


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