Sunday, July 1, 2012

Help Implementing Grammar Checker / Writing Evaluator

Help Implementing Grammar Checker / Writing Evaluator

I run a small online education company that is eager to implement some level of automated writing evaluation to help with instruction and evaluation on a few of our educational services (,,  

Specifically, we would like to implement a technology to assess and provide specific feedback on the quality of student writing such as:
- Grammar mechanics: proper construction of sentences (subject, verb, final punctuation)
- Basic mechanics such as capitalization, subject-verb agreement (tense, plural, etc), consistency on plural and singular
- Advanced mechanics such as prepositional phrases, sentences of appropriate length, nuances of word choice, avoiding awkward, ineffective, or unclear writing
- Writing quality: vocabulary usage, organization, development  

We are looking for an individual or team to provide us with guidance and implementation,  

BTW, I've checked with the Kaggle team as to whether it is OK to post here with this request for contacts and got approval. If you are interested, I'm mayor at spellingcity dot com.  

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