Sunday, July 1, 2012

Writing Evualators - Old Notes

There is a set of automated checkers which are a standard tool on most word processors, even on phones.

They are useful tools that could/should be made available in courses for people to learn how to use them.  They also provide a huge time savings for teachers to give  good (but not necessarily perfect) feedback to students on their writing.

This is very relevant to T4W and VSC. There are three overlapping types:
- simple spelling checkers. Checks if the word is in the Dictionary.
- grammar checkers. What this checks is an open question in my mind. Word certainly checks if there is a noun and a verb, if they agree, and if a word is repeated. What else?
- automated writing evaluators. Used to grade many standardized tests. Doesn’t statistically do worse than human testers.

Papers on the topic:

Grammar Checkers ( There are probably more!):

Educationally Oriented:
-          WPP from ERB
-          Vantage MyAccess
-          Criterion from ETA

Consumer Oriented:

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